Hesitations? - Ankeny, Iowa Photographer

Are you dreaming of beautiful portraits to display in your home but scared they won't turn out as you envisioned? Have you found yourself saying or thinking the thoughts below?

"My kids are terrors. I don't want to spend money and end up with pictures of them screaming and crying."

Let me ease your stress... I have three boys under the age of six years. I enjoy interacting with kids and making their experience relaxed and fun. It is completely normal that kiddos don't enjoy sitting still to pose and smile, so instead we will play hide and seek, race each other, sing songs, and just have fun! Don't worry moms and dads- we will get some fantastic photos.

"Coordinating clothes for family photos gives me anxiety. It's too much work!"

Let me help you... As part of your photography experience with me, I will help you with color coordinating, layering, accessories and all that jazz. I'll even do a little online shopping to help you out! I truly enjoy this part of your experience with me. And just a tip- Don't take photos of your clothing pieces with your phone and bring out those photos in the store to try and coordinate. The colors on your phone screen do not match the items in person. Want to know what I do? I bring every single item with me in the store and lay it all out with items I think I may purchase, that way I can see the entire ensemble. It's totally worth the crazy looks you might get ;) Just kidding. People understand!

"I don't want to spend money."

Your experience with me is more than spending money... We will work together hand-in-hand from start to finish, and you'll walk away with tangible, beautiful photos to display in your home. Do you currently spend money on home decor and design? Let's put some of that energy into creating personalized wall art for your home with photos of you and your loved ones. It is well worth it!

"My photos just end up on a CD in a drawer... It's hard to find time to order prints."

I couldn't agree more! You have the photo session, digital images are sent to you, and then life happens. A year passes by and your memories are still hidden. I literally have thousands of images tucked away on hard drives, CD's, USB's and the like. Poor images. They're living a lonely life on soon-to-be-obsolete technology. Let me tell you, this is one of the main reasons my business is structured the way it is. I want my clients to have tangible, printed images hanging on their walls or displayed in heirloom albums that will evoke emotion each time they pass by... After your photography session with me, you will be able to preview your images and I'll assist you with your print and product selections. We'll even take photos of your rooms so we can see your images to scale in various sizes on your walls. This is the fun part, and you'll always walk away with tangible artwork to showcase around your home.

Contact me today for more information and to begin your experience with Images by Merron!