From Pixels to Tangible Creations

We live in a digital age. It's true.

The photography industry has evolved from the good ole days of developing film, to transferring a digital file to a computer screen. There are pro's and con's to each era, of course. However, one thing remains the same.

There is no better way to enjoy your portraits than as a tangible item, hanging on your walls in your home, or resting in your hands. Viewing your portraits in a tangible form rather than as pixels on a computer screen is truly more emotional and satisfying.

The statements above lead me to this: This is precisely why I focus on providing stunning, heirloom quality products for my clients. Let me help you determine the appropriate size of artwork for your home. Allow me to do the leg work (you know, such as preparing the files for their exact print media and size, uploading the files to my photo lab, quality control to ensure the completed creations are perfect, and all the administrative work that goes along with that). You'll simply relax and enjoy your final artwork as I deliver it to you.

That's the experience you will enjoy with Images by Merron.

Contact me today to schedule your consultation and enjoy an enriched portrait experience.