Dad Nature? | Ankeny, Iowa Child Photographer

Lake and sunset

I was minding my own business in the kitchen as I was preparing dinner, part of our evening routine, when Anthony, our kindergartener, asked me, "So mom, what is Dad nature?"

Dad nature? Huh? Where did he come up with that?

My thoughts exactly!

"You know. You said, like, Mother Nature. So, then what's Dad nature?," Anthony asked.

Oh, now I see where he came up with that! As we were driving home earlier that evening, I was commenting on the stunning sunset and beautiful Mother Nature.

You see, ever since becoming a more "serious" Photographer, I have seen life in a completely different light. I have a new perspective and am able to soak in so much more. One evening, our one year old was spoon feeding himself chocolate pudding. Can you imagine how messy that was?! (I've included a collage photo here to prove it.) Typically that would have sent me into anxiety central, but the camera allowed me to take a step back and soak in the moment. Messes can always be cleaned up later. :-)

One year old boy, spoon feeding himself pudding

I'm thankful that a small device has made such an impact in my life, and I hope my boys learn to appreciate life's hectic moments as well as nature (Mother Nature, Dad Nature, or whatever you want to call it).

For me, a camera has a much larger purpose than simply "snapping a picture."

You know you're a photographer when... | Ankeny, Iowa Family Photographer

Matted Folio Albums for family session photos

You know you're a photographer when you are far more excited about introducing new products into your lineup, than introducing a new pair of jeans to your wardrobe!

These fancy little albums are currently en route, being shipping to my home. I snagged some stock photos (provided by my vendor) because I couldn't wait to share just how excited I am to offer them to you all! The "Matted Folio Album" is the technical term (fancy little album works, if you like that better).

Can you imagine your family's photos in these lovely pieces? They are absolutely perfect for any family photo session, or really for any photo session for that matter. Pick your favorite 6-14 photos and dress them up with this album. It's a fabulous way to display your memories and cherish them for a lifetime!

Aren't they great? If you think so, and you're in need of a family, child or maternity photography session in the Ankeny or Des Moines, Iowa area, I'd love to work with you and design your session!

Photography products offered by Ankeny, Iowa Family photographer

Contact me today and let's begin your experience with Images by Merron. How can you pass up these beautiful albums, or should I say "fancy little albums"? ;-)

Winter Maternity - Ankeny, Iowa Photographer

It was Superbowl Sunday and the forecast was perfect.

Trusty told me it was going to be sunny with a high of 40 degrees, which would have been perfect for this lovely maternity session. However, as the day went on, Mother Nature pulled a classic Iowa weather change up on us.

The wind started blowing and the temperatures dropped, but that didn't stop us! We carried on with the maternity photo shoot as scheduled because their baby boy is due to arrive any day! Needless to say, It was quite the adventure but we embraced the moment and trudged through goose poop, mud, and snow to capture some beautiful memories.

Get ready, mom and dad to-be, you're about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet your baby boy!

Baby boy shoes in foreground, mom and dad to-be in background
Mom and dad-to-be holding baby boy shoes
Pregnant mom and dad-to-be posing for photo shoot in Johnston, Iowa

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby (or babies!) in the Ankeny or Des Moines area, I'd love to provide you with beautiful memories. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and design your maternity session!

Custom Photography... What on earth? - Ankeny, Iowa Photographer

Custom Photographer | Boutique photographer | Full Service Photographer

All of the above terms are essentially synonymous with one another.

Photo album with thick pages and sand colored linen cover

I often wonder if the everyday population (outside of the photography industry) truly understands the difference between a custom, boutique photographer and other photographers (what are considered "shoot-and-burn photographers"), so I thought it would be fun to dive into a little more detail...

A Custom, Boutique Photographer typically provides a high touch experience, and a more comprehensive experience overall (we'll get to the "more comprehensive" piece in a bit).

Think about a few luxurious businesses you've visited. Maybe a high end clothing boutique? Or car dealership? Perhaps you recently experienced fine dining at a 5-star restaurant in town. What do all of these places have in common? Yep, that's right! Quality customer service, where the entire experience is centered around you, complete with a product that's unmatched by any big-box businesses (you know, like Wal-Mart).

A stylist at the clothing boutique likely helped you find the perfect style and size of pants that you've been looking for. The salesman at the car dealership gave you time to explore the different options on their vehicles, all of which have engines handcrafted by man with impeccable craftsmanship. The server at the restaurant provided timely service with consistent refills of your wine, paired with a perfectly cooked filet mignon from the chef.

Much like the luxurious clothing boutique, car dealership and fine dining restaurant, a Custom, Boutique Photographer provides an experience focused on each individual client's needs, with high customer service, complete with an impressive end-product.
And by the way, to me, a CD or USB of your images is not an impressive product ;-)

So, what does this have to do with Images by Merron

Oh, I'm so glad you asked! My business is structured solely around you as my client. I provide a high quality, custom experience where we partner together throughout the entire process from your initial consult to your finished products.

Each of my clients deserves attention throughout the entire photography experience, which is why I provide a comprehensive experience, complete with three unique sessions centered around you!

- Planning Session - We will plan every little detail from that perfect photo you've been dreaming of, to your outfit coordination, to how you'd like your photos displayed throughout your home.

- Photography Session - We will put your vision to life and capture the most beautiful memories to showcase in your home. We'll also have lots of fun while doing it! :)

- Preview/Ordering Session - You will have the opportunity to see your finished photos, in a tangible form, and I will show you how your photos will appear to scale in your home. You will have the opportunity to order stunning albums, heirloom quality prints, traditional gallery wrapped canvases, and more. You will truly cherish these beaut's for a lifetime.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits from a custom, boutique photographer, I would love to hear from you! Contact me today and we'll get started!

PS - Why did I choose a photo of an album for this blog post? Thanks for asking such a great question again. ;-) I chose a photo of an album because this is one of the most popular items. If you are having a tough time narrowing down your favorite images from your session, I will design a stunning keepsake album with each image from your session, for you to display on your coffee table at home!